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Disclaimer: By completing this form you are opting in to receive calls, emails and/or text messages from Solarneer, LLC. You are approving contact from Solarneer and waive your right to sue for TCPA/DNC Registry reasons. You are confirming you phone # is not part of the Do Not Call Registry by completing this form. Should you want to be removed from this list simply advise us and we will remove you. Although we may ask for additional information (such as your name), we will accept your request even if you only provide your ten-digit telephone number(s). If you notify us that you have received a telemarketing call from us after you request to be placed on the Solarneer Do Not Call List, we will investigate and personally confirm that the number is on or has been added to the Do Not Call List. Upon request, we will also mail you confirmation that the number is on or has been added to our internal Do Not Call List. Solarneer has procedures to scrub telephone numbers against the Solarneer Do Not Call List and state and federal “Do Not Call” registries, as applicable. In addition, you may place your telephone number(s) on the National Do Not Call Registry maintained by the Federal Trade Commission by calling 888-382-1222 or visiting It may take several weeks before you notice a reduction in calls. Please note that, even if you add your number(s) to the Registry, we still may contact you in accordance with applicable law.