The True Cost of Solar

It sounds too good to be true, right?

It’s not.

It’s time to set the record straight and debunk a major solar myth—”Solar costs more than my current electric bill!” False! Solar does not cost you more money. In fact, it does just the opposite and can save you money. 

Solar does not cost you more money. Full stop. Solar energy specifically exists today to replace dirty brown energy with clean, green renewable energy, but make no mistake, the #1 reason most people go solar today is to save money. The government and pro-solar states like New Jersey understand this and incentivize you to go solar. 

Currently, the federal government and state of New Jersey deeply discount the cost to go solar with federal tax credits and state cash rebates. I have personally installed more than 12,000 solar panel systems in 16 different states and not one single client has ever paid more after choosing to go solar. 

Here’s an example: 

Let’s say you pay $100/month for your utility bill with traditional gas and electric. If I tell you the solar loan cost is going to be $70/month, a lot of people assume it will be $70 +$100. No! Solar will replace your current utility bill. This means you would save, as an example, $30 per month. That’s an estimated 30% savings on your utility bill. In full transparency, the disclaimer to this is that some utility companies have a fixed monthly charge that’s unavoidable (i.e. JCP&L carries a fixed $2.78 per month that is standard.)

That’s it—save money, contribute to the green energy movement, stop relying on fossil fuels, and feel good about your choice! 

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PS: If a solar company does try and charge you more than your utility bill run straight to and book a consultation. We will save you! PUN intended.


$100/month utility bill.


$70/month all-in solar loan + utility bill