How Do You Qualify for Solar?

Solar has been in New Jersey for well over a decade now and besides being the planet’s #1 most available renewable resource, it’s good for your wallet. On average, a solar panel system saves about 50 trees per year and can offset 24,000 pounds of carbon each year. That’s like taking two standard-size cars off the road. Cleaner energy=cleaner air.

But maybe you’re not here for the environment, maybe you’re here for the cash and that’s A-OK in my book. So you’re thinking: What do I get for it? And the honest answer is that if you don’t qualify, nothing. I know, I know. Qualifying for something sounds like a scam and I get it, but you have to qualify to own the system and if you do, you’re paying $0 out of pocket and replacing your utility bill all on day 1. I’ve got the same system I sell on my own house—I wouldn’t sell you something I didn’t believe in.

So, how do you qualify?

Four things:

  • Own your own home and the land it sits on
  • Good credit (We’re talking 650 here.)
  • Currently paying an electric bill
  • A roof with sun hitting it!

You meet these four things, you qualify. It’s that simple. And if you qualify, the next step is book a consultation, let’s get into the nitty gritty of cost savings and how you’re going to go from neighborhood zero to neighborhood hero for being the solar pioneer of your own community.

Book a free consult with me—there’s nothing to lose, everything to gain.